Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back on line

Wow that was about as long as I have ever gone without a post!! Things have been super busy which is part/all the reason for not posting. Last week we hit the Chicago Auto Show for work...yeah, yeah life is rough. Not overly impressed though, retro is definately out which is good, but nothing is really in. The concept cars were about the same as every year, huge low profile tires, sharp lines, no external (mirrors, door handles, fuel tank doors, ect.).

Then this past weekend finally got all the remaining parts for the bike and got it all built up. It really turned out nice, I have ridden it yet - I don't want to get it dirty - but just spinning around the basement it fits a lot like the NRS. Cathy's bike is getting here tomorrow so by the end of the week we will be ready for summer, at least our equipment will be... TJ has really been working me again this winter and I think the fact that my legs feel like slinkies everytime I get on or off the bike is ?good? Just kidding, I have been putting in some serious trainer time so I hope this warm weather sticks around for a while (like 8-9 months!) so I can get outside and actually get somewhere.
Thats all for now, I don't want to over due my first back at it post. It would be like running 20 miles on a new pair of shoes OUCH! Anyway with the weather warming up we should be coming out of hibernation and will keep this more up todate.