Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just in time!!

The forcast for today was rain in the morning and wind this afternoon. I got up and it looked really nice so thought I would beat the wind and get my ride done early. I headed out only to find a 20mph head wind. I did a 1.5 hour loop and got back in town just in time to meet up with Cathy. We headed out again for a similar loop and got in town after just over 3 hours. It was starting to get dark but I wasn't too worried, we got the bikes put away and then Crack-Boom! Not even 2 minutes after we got home it was down pouring!

Open house again tomorrow so hopefully we will have nice weather and will have a line all the way down the side walk...or just one person with a ton of money burning a hole in their pocket.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday my body had enough and just shut down. Work has been going at break neck speeds the past couple weeks. We have been pushing to get two new racks released (Thelma and Bones RS), my project is ramping up and with the rack projects finishing I am getting up to speed on a new project. Tuesday I struggled to get any power out of my legs and it was a battle of will power to finish the ride. I was supposed to ride last night but when we got home at 6:30 I hit the couch and was out like a light. Cathy woke me up at 9 and said it was time for bed I dragged my self up stairs and was out again as soon as I hit the pillow. I woke up at 6 this morning with 11.5 hours of sleep and felt like a new person! When the body shuts down like that the best thing to do is just listen and let it rest for a day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brick Wall

That pretty much sums up Cathy's game last night. It was probably one of the best volleyball games I have seen. Her team was really working together and following the ball perfectly. I got there about midway through the first game but just in time to see her totally stuff the other teams big hitter - Ouch that's got to hurt the ego!! It didn't stop there, she had her hands on almost every hit, was digging balls off the floor and had killer hits. After getting stuffed the other teams hitter went up for a revenge block but the best he could do was get a hand on the ball and deflect it out of bounds. Her other hits were down the line, cross court, or just too hot to handle!
This coupled with the rest of the team working flawlessly resulted in 3 commanding wins for the night.

Monday, March 26, 2007

This is a very sick thing to say

I should be enjoying the incredible heat wave we are experiencing, BUT I am blaming it for keeping people away from our open house this weekend! It seems like we just can't win at this game of trying to sell our house. All last year we put in 3 hours per day of driving to and from work and we REALLY don't want to spend another summer just sitting in the car. Ok enough ranting about the house - It is still for sale and if you can send someone our way I will send you some tubes (they might have holes in them though from the dog chewing on them)
In other news: we have been spending some good time outside. We have been putting on some miles on the mt.bikes to get them all ready for the summer. Cathy really likes hers and says it fit just right. Mine is getting dialed in but I am struggling to get the rear suspension from bobbing. I hate to up the pressure anymore because I am already pushing 200psi. Any thoughts? I am not too worried, there is still another month or so before I really need to get everything working just right so until then I will just keep playing with it and see what works.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Group ride?

Tried to get a group together last night but apparently it was a little too cold or too short of notice for everyone else. I headed to the park in hopes that the ground would be frozen enough to get off road. I didn't make it too far down the trail before realizing that although my feet were frozen the ground wasn't. I got on the bike trail and just cruised around town for a while.
I am getting more comfortable on the bike so that is good, but my fork and shock are having a tough time staying up on pressure. I think I just need to break in the seals, so we'll see how it works after some more miles.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home Make Over

Well this weekend was even more crazy than I thought it was going to be. Friday night we pulled up the carpet in our third room and started taking off the "D" trim boards. I got to looking at everything and thought, well we are this far and are already making a mess.....lets just do the trim boards also and get everything done!

That took through midnight Friday and we finished up Saturday morning.
Once the boards were all off we were ready to start on the floors. Cathy took charge of the floor sander and went crazy. We sealed off the upstairs to keep the dust from infiltrating the entire house and I didn't see here again until it was all done!

After getting the floors done, cleaned and letting the dust settle for a few hours we jumped right into staining the floors. We had to let the stain dry for 8 hours so we were really pushing to get this done still Saturday so we could finish off the rooms on Sunday.

Fortunately we had nice weather because I spent the entire weekend from sun up to sun down in the driveway sanding. We literally had saw dust drifts by the back door, and piles of saw dust everywhere.

Sunday my parents came down to help us with all the finishing coats. We stained the boards early Sunday morning. It took until 6pm for that to dry so we put our clear coat sealer on in the basement.

Last night I started nailing the trim boards back up. That is going a little slower than I planned/hoped. I got about half of them up last night and should be able to get the rest finished tonight. We have to let the floors dry for 3 days before we can put down permanent furniture, so we are sleeping in the living room and have all our cloths in the bathroom. Everything looks really good though and I can't wait to see what it looks like all finished up.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The snow won't give up

Last night we got more snow again! Don't get me wrong I really like the snow and all but when it melts, then freezes and then snows it is just the worst of all worlds. But the way I figure if you can't beat it join it! This past weekend I headed out of town on the back roads on the Anthem. In town the weather was pretty nice but once I got to the open road the snow was drifting pretty good. Cars were really leery about passing me as I was having a tough time holding a line through some of the deeper sections. At one point a car almost got stuck trying to pass me up a hill! I kept it up for a few more miles until I came across a snowmobile trail, I figured it couldn't be any worse than riding on the road plus instead of having cars gunning for me now I would have snowmobiles - you got to mix it up once in a while. Anyway the trail was great, nice hard pack snow for the most part. I came across a few soft areas but I was able to get through them. I rode on the trail for about an hour I only saw 6 snowmobiles, which kinda surprised me I thought there would be more. Anyway the trail finally crossed a road just north of town so I turned in on it and finished the ride on solid pavement with a tail wind.
When I got home I found Cathy mixing a pale of paint in the basement......when I left she was just going to organize a few boxes in one of the bedrooms. Well she got really sick of the colors and decided she had to paint. We painted the walls, window trim and all three doors. THEN as if that wasn't enough we decided the carpet was ugly too and that it had to go! The hardwood is in decent shape but has paint drip spots all over it, the people that lived there before us must have been real pieces of work! With 2 rooms down to hardwood and the 3rd room coming up later this week we are going to tackle the don ting task of refinishing our floors this weekend. It shouldn't be too bad, Cathy is even talking about buying some power tools for the project - YES!!!!!
I will definitely post some pictures and a report this weekend.