Saturday, August 25, 2007

Up North

Last week we headed up to Cathy's parent's cabin on Bowstring lake for a much needed vacation away from our busy summer. We left right after work on Friday in the sweltering humid heat of 88 degrees. By the time we had got to the cabin (at 3am) the temp had dropped as low as 41 degrees!!
The next morning we got up and did a little fishing, the weather had been kinda weird so the fish weren't too excited about getting pulled out of the water. Later that night we sat out on the dock and watched the sun set...something I haven't spent nearly enough time doing!

Sunday proved to be a better fishing day. Cathy went out and within an hour pulled in a really nice crappie. I didn't get anything in the morning but we found a nice bay and caught a couple keepers to make for a nice dinner that evening.
On Monday it was raining off and on so we decided to take a road trip to Itasca State Park home of the Mississippi head waters. I have not seen the river at it's end in New Orleans but it was pretty cool to see such a HUGE river start from just a little overflow from a small lake.
Tuesday I did some more fishing, and Cathy just lounged around. I didn't catch anything to speak of but it was just nice sitting out on the boat listening to the ducks and loons play in the water.
On the way home Wednesday we stopped at Canal Park in Duluth. We had perfect timing as ship was just coming in so we got to see the bridge lift up and the ship pull into the harbor. I can't imagine driving one of those things, I was having tough time getting my little boat at the cabin in next to the dock much less a 680' ship into a harbor!
It was a great vacation, we successfully did a little as possible, took as many naps as we could fit in each day, and all in all just lounged and relaxed.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting away

This summer has been so crazy!! Things are just piling up at work like I have never seen and has made for some long hours and short weekends. Tonight we are heading up north to Cathy's parent's cabin for a long 5 day weekend. The only thing we are taking is a couple changes of cloths and our fishing poles. I am really excited to do nothing for 5 whole days!!
We will get some good pictures and have them up here when we get back.