Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks to Chris Fortune's (Owner of Saris) incredable genorousity he offered tickets to this weekend's game!! Being from Minnesota I didn't think I would get excited about this game. Based on the forcast we are going to experiance Lambeau Field at it's finest.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

We made it through the holidays

With both of our family's living in Minnesota the holidays usually means lots of traveling for us. Christmas we were at Cathy's parents place. It was really nice to have a few days to relax. The weekend didn't quite go as planned, grandpa ended up in the hospital for a couple days with excessive fluid build up and an ill timed snow storm kept her brothers from making it down. Fortunately grandpa just needed a couple days to get back on track and Carl was able to make it down once the storm lifted the following day. Even though pretty much nothing happened as planned it all still happened and we got plenty of time to hang out with everyone!!
After a short 3 days back in Wisconsin we headed north again for New Years/Christmas with my parents. My dad out did us all when he told us they bought a house!! It was a little weird knowing this was going to be the last holiday at the farm, but everyone is excited about them moving onto the next stage in their life. Plus they are only going to be 10 miles from us so that will help a lot with baby sitting! Monday the girls went into town to catch a movie and do some shopping and us guys borrowed some snowmobiles from my uncles and went for a ride. That night we all got cleaned up and then Leslie took us out dancing. We got there early so they taught us all some moves which helped us have a really good time that night. The next day was just relaxing and then I had to head home for work. Cathy stayed in MN for a baby shower the next day. She had a really good time seeing old friends and showing off Keenan. It got to be kinda long week but on Friday Dad brought Cathy home when he went to meet the inspector for there house. This weekend was just spent recovering from the past two weeks and embarrassing a new year!!