Friday, August 01, 2008

Busy Weekend and Week

This Picture is for all the Gopher Fans, I thought you would like this.

Last weekend was kind of a busy one for us. We had family come in to town last Friday. Saturday morning we headed up to the Capital Square for the Farmers Market, then the guys went Mt. Biking at Quarry Ridge for a while and then the ladies went to some quilt shops. Keenan did so well even though his nap schedule was out of whack. Neil did some more Mt. Biking on Sunday and then we relaxed.

Tuesday I went for a road ride with the MadForcs ladies and I felt pretty good it was kind of a windy day so it made for a harder ride then I thought it was going to be. Wednesday was a busy day. I had a doctor's appointment because I have not been feeling well and come to find out that we are expecting another baby. We new we were pregant acouple weeks ago but thought we had miscarried, but what had happened is that I had been developing for twins so we either lost a baby or it had never formed. So we have one baby on the way due in mid March, YEAH!!! It will be a busy household, but we can't wait.