Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stimulus Check

There has been a lot of talk about stimulus checks this year. They come in many forms, today mine came in a $186 warning.
We were on our Thursday "Gun-Show" ride at lunch. It was a small group and as we rolled through Verona we ran into one of the locals. I saw his car out of the corner of my eye as we slowly (yes it was slow) rolled through one of the intersections. I would have stopped after spotting him but was already through so I made the turn and slowly continued. After a 10 minute break and a warning for what is a $186 ticket we were back on our way.

So remember: Always wear a helmet and come to a complete stop at intersections.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend

This weekend we headed back to MN to see my family. It was Georgia's first long car ride. It started off kind of loud, we were a little nervous, but she settled down and slept the whole way. On Saturday Neil went for a 3 hour road ride, it was a pretty windy day, it was a nice hard ride for him. I went in to Rochester without any kids it was kind of fun and met up with my best friend. I had to picked up my dress for a wedding I am in in June, the dress fits, but it is a little tight I have 2 months to get back into shape.
My family always goes to the Easter early rise Sunday service at church which was at 6:30 AM, Georgia woke up at 4:30ish to eat and that is when my day started. We had a lot of great food and it was alot of fun seeing my family and friends.