Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mt.Morris = HOT

Last weekend was race #4 of WORS at Mt.Morris. We headed up on Saturday morning so I could help with the learn to ride clinic, get a pre-ride in, and then be ready to race at noon. The learn to ride clinic was fun, I really like helping new riders learn the ropes and watch them explore the trails for the first time. On the pre-ride I quickly learned that this was going to be a hard race. There wasn't any long grinder climbs, all short and punchy, which ended up being my demise. The race started, there was carnage everywhere on the first lap, I managed to get through it pretty good which dropped me in the mid teen's after lap 1. I knew the heat was going to be hard on me so I backed off just a bit for the next couple laps in hopes of getting through all 5 laps. I was feeling pretty good but then on lap 4 my body shut down. I struggled to get through the lap, walking alot and drinking 2 bottles rather than just 1. I could not get my body to turn back on and by the end of the lap the leaders came around putting me a lap down. At that point I knew it was time to pull the plug.
After standing in the sun all day Cathy got lined up and took off. She had a good start and was sitting in 7th or 8th after the first lap. Lap 2 she had picked off a couple more girls putting her in 5th or 6th. She was feeling good but the 4th place girl was quite a way's up the trail so I told her to just keep going and hold her spot. By the finish she had caught and dropped her putting Cathy the 4th girl over the line!! At the awards she got to stand on the top spot in her age group!!
Sunday some clouds were rolling through that gave very nice breaks in the sun. The day started with the Super D. I was second into the woods, got around MacIej for the lead all the way to the bottom. He had a perfect attack that I just couldn't counter, we made it through the last rock garden and sprinted up to the finish. When all the times were tallied I ended up 3rd in Cat. 1 and 8th among the Pros = $$$. That would have been the only time I got on the podium all weekend. The last race was the Short Track. I rode a few laps but the legs were really spent at this point so I was hoping everyone else was feeling the same thing. We got started and things quickly got strung out. Everyone was able to keep their bikes underneith them for the most part. The laps kept ticking off and the time seemed to stand still. I was feeling decent and was able to reel a few people in throughout the race. With 3 laps to go the leaders came around. I jumped on their wheel for a bit but then with 2 to go they took off like a shot.
All in all though the weekend was fun, the trails ruled and although racing was hard it felt good. Not bad for the second race of the year for us. Eau Claire is next on the schedule and hopefully the legs will come around for that one.

Our internet is down at home so no pictures until next week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So much for racing this weekend.

Neil was planning on racing on Saturday (6 hour at Kettle Morain St. Park), but he had been running a fever the last two days and complained of a sore throat. I made him go to the dr. Friday night he had a 104 temp. OUCH and they think he has the influenza virus. Neil is on meds as well as the kids as a precautionary. It sounds like this is going to last about a week before he starts feeling better so no race this weekend and maybe next weekend. I have sterilized the whole house hoping that none of us get it. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.