Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Galena Trip

For Neil's Birthday present(which was in March) Neil's parents said we could take their Honda S2000 out for a day. Neil and I decided that Sunday is going to be a perfect day for a drive in a convertible. We dropped off the kids at the Craig and Diane's and away we went. We found sooo many curvy, up and down roads, Neil had a blast driving and I was hanging on to dear life going around some of the corners we went on.
We arrived in Galena mid-afternoon, I had never been to Galena so it was fun to go in all the neat stores and look around. Cute town! We walked around for a bit, had lunch and then saved some room for some ice cream. On the way home we found some more curvy roads and a road called "Roller coaster Rd" it lived up to its name. It was fun get away.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pics of Border Battle

Fast single track.
Fun burm

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Border Battle

I wanted to get some pictures up here but have had a hard time finding any of the race last weekend. I saw a lot of people shooting pictures but can't find any of them. If you have some let me know where to look.
So Cathy and I and the kids headed up to Minnesota on Friday for my cousin's wedding. It was out at their farm and was really nice. Keenan tore up the dance floor all night running on a complete adrienne rush for about 4 hours. He crashed pretty hard that night and the next day was pretty mellow as well. Cathy's dad and I headed up to River Falls Sunday morning to start wrenching on bikes. The forecast was calling for heavy rain all day and we drove in rain just about the entire way. About 10 miles out of town it cleared up, the clouds broke up a couple hours later and it turned into a perfect day. After wrenching on at lest 20 bikes over the morning it was time to get warmed up and ready for what I was expecting to be a fast race. Cathy, the kids, and her mom showed up just before the start of the Pro/Cat 1 race. The race got started in regular high speed fashion, we hit the only significant climb of the course right away and that strung things out a bit. The course was packed with incredible single track, which was fun to ride but hard to pass. By lap 3 we were already encountering a lot of lapped traffic which made staying tight with the train VERY important, if everyone didn't get through on the same pass they were gone. The pace was screaming fast the entire race. Lap 5 Seth Lens caught us again and said there was a group of 5 coming hard, my legs were hanging in there although I could feel cramps coming every time I was out of the saddle. I have never worked so hard for a top 30 finish in my life!
Next day I down loaded my power file and realized why I felt cross eyed the entire time - I was. I set my personal records in every category from Peak 5 second power up to peak 120 minute power! Again hardest ride of the year just to hang on to top 30 - man the mid west is a fast group!
Thanks to Cathy's dad for hand ups, he stuck every bottle despite being on one of the fastest sections of the course.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Georgia 4 month pictures

They turned out so well. Our Friend Tina Bazala took her pics. She also has taken Keenan's pictures and our family pictures in the past. These are just a few shots of many.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Race weekend

Friday we went to Blue Mound State Park in the evening I had never been to the top of the mound. It was soo pretty. Keenan loved running around in the big open field. After we got done at Blue Mounds we headed into Mt. Horeb and got some pizza at the Grumpy Troll it was delicious.

Saturday we ran some errands during the day and in the evening went out to Neil's parents house for dinner and to drop the kids off for the night.

Sunday we had a Mt. bike race in Franklin, WI. It was a beautiful day usually whenever we race there its about 100 degrees with humidity, but this year it was a 80 degrees with a nice breeze. I raced the sport class and had a pretty good finish, 3rd in my age and 11th overall. The sport class only had to do 2 laps instead of 3 due to the length of the course, which took me by surprise. Good thing Neil was paying attention to what I was doing.

Neil had a great race he got 4th in his age and 14th overall in the Elite class. He was racing really strong considering for majority of the race he was racing by himself because no one was around him.