Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Patch

With this past week being cold and rainy every day this weekend turned out GREAT. The sun came out at times, and it was really nice. On Saturday afternoon we loaded up and headed out to the Epplegaarden again, this time to pick pumpkins. We got a wagon and headed out to the field to find the perfect pumpkin. Keenan just couldn't get over all the pumpkins and just kept yelling "BALL - BALL" and wanted to run over to everyone and try to pick it up.

I didn't know if Georgia was going to be able to sit on the pumpkin, but Keenan was a good big brother and held her hand.
We were planning on getting family pictures shot this weekend, who would have thought that a pumpkin patch would be a great place for family fall pictures.
We loaded up the wagon and headed back to the barn to state our claim. It only took 10ft. and one good bump before one of the wagon wheels fell off. Fortunately a worker with a ATV was out in the field, we loaded the pumpkins up on him and he took them back to the barn for us. Both kids had a great time and just loved playing with the pumpkins.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last WORS Race in 2009

This weekend started on friday with the Saris Gala. Everyone had a really good time and it was fun getting to talk bikes all night.
Saturday we were planning on heading up to Sheboygan to pre-ride but after dropping the kids off at my parents place we decided to do some much needed carpet shopping. We found a SUPER good deal but as it turned out the roll was 1ft. too narrow BUMMER. After that I took Cathy to the mall for a mini shopping spree. It was really fun to just hang out. Sunday came early and cold. We hit the road at a crisp 5 am. We got to Sheboygan and helped set up the venue. Cathy got warmed up for her race and off. She had a really good race, the course was in perfect shape and Cathy got into a good groove after the first lap. She finished just as I was lining up. We took off with the usual Sheboygan speed. The first two laps weren't too bad but somewhere on lap 3 I realized that I need to ride more than a couple hours/week. I started to come around on the 4th lap and had a decent enough 5th lap to hold off a few hard charging riders.
Well now the season is over, the weather is getting colder, and it is now cross season. This weekend is the Badger Prairie 'Cross race. We have a really good course put together and I think if the weather holds off it is going to be really fun...however if the weather turns south then it will be fun for the spectators! Either way someone is going to enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nice weekend

It might not have been weather wise a nice weekend, but it was nice in the sence the kids did really good up at the WORS race. We left Saturday afternoon for Bear Claw Adventure Resort hoping that the kids would sleep for 3 hours of the 4 hour trip, well that didn't work as planned, Georgia slept pretty good but Keenan only slept for about 15 minutes. The last 30 minutes was pretty crazy, Georgia has this high pitch baby scream and Keenan thinks it is game and tries to out scream her in both pitch and volume!! We finally rolled in and checked into our room. It was a 4-plex cabin with each room about the size of a single hotel room. It required some reorganization of the furnature to get all the pack-and-plays to fit but eventually we got it. Because the kids didn't take much a of a nap they went to bed early and because the room was really small Cathy and I ended up on the porch...45 degrees wasn't the most appealing temp to sit on the porch but we grabbed a few blankets and were able to relax.
Sunday Neil got up and went to help racers get their bikes ready at the Park Tool repair area. The kids got up and I bundled them up for a long day outside. We played for a while through the morning and then put the kids down for a nap. Neil got ready for his race and I packed a few things. We got out to the course just in time to see Neil on his first lap to hand him a water bottle. It was raining on and off but not hard enough to get us wet.
Neil had had better races but due to the fact that not many people were there it was easier for him to get some much needed points. His race was pretty muddy and hard but he made it through and rolled in just behind his team mate in 17th place.
We loaded up and headed home, surprisingly the kids did better on the way home so that was a HUGE releaf. In all it was a very nice weekend and was fun to get away with the whole fam. This weekend is the final race of the year already. If the weather holds out I think I am going to give the Sport class another shot.