Monday, November 23, 2009

Keenan's Birthday

Keenan's Birthday was Wednesday the 18th he loved blowing out the Candle!

We went to the Holiday Inn to their waterpark, He had a great time.

Saturday we had birthday party with a baseball cake.

Him and his friend enjoying opening presents.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

California Trip

We went to California last week to visit Neil's brother, his wife, and their new baby. My parents came down and stayed with the kids for 6 days. We left early Thursday morning for Santa Barbara. We have not been away from the kids that long so I was a little nervous.
Thursday - We got to CA around 12, got some authentic Mexican food which was amazing then Jenny and I got our toes and nails done, it was so nice to get pampered. That evening we took the scooter down to the beach and watched the sun set.

Friday - we all went to the Valley to some Vineyards, that was a lot of fun. They were so pretty and the wine was amazing.
Saturday - Neil and I went woke up early and took "scoots" out to get some coffee at one of the local coffee houses. Once Chris and Jenny got up and ready we loaded Asher in the car and went down to the Harbor. We walked through the prier and saw some HUGE boats, we walked around the park, and walked on the beach. It was beautiful! After lunch Jenny and I went to a cupcake shop in Monticeto called Whodidily, it was soo cute, it was very girly and so delicious.
Sunday - After church we went to the beach and Neil tried his luck at skim boarding. Skim boarding is like skate boarding on the sand after the wave goes out, there is a thin layer of water that you can skim across. Anyway, you run as fast as you can drop the board and jump on - think full run across a parking lot dropping a skate board and then jumping on with both feet = VERY BAD IDEA. He crashed a few times...pretty hard...but got the hang of it quick enough that Jenny and Chris were both impressed. Asher loved hanging out at the beach he is such a good baby.
Monday - The last day of our vacation, Neil and Chris went for a bike ride on the beach and on some trails in the morning. We had decided to make a Thanksgiving meal with them that night we did all the fixings turkey, potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, some friends of theirs brought sweet potatoes, and green beans and of course pumpkin pie. It was very good!! I'm looking forward to another Turkey dinner.
Tuesday - We left in the morning and arrived home around 7:00pm. When we got home Keenan was still up and his reaction wasn't what we were expecting. We were expecting him to scream with excitement and run to both of us for hugs and kisses, instead he said "hi" and then got his ball and wanted to play - oh well I guess boys grow up faster than we thought! Georgia had just been put to bed so I walked in her room looked over at her in her crib and said "Hi Georgia" she got this big smile and giggled it was soo cute.
The trip was a lot of fun, the kids did great at home, and my parents had a lot of fun watching and bonding with them.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Last night we had our second annual Halloween party. We had about 12 adults and about the same kids. All the kids are about the same age so they played really good together and had a lot of fun.

Creighton definately took home the best costume award with his Land Shark.

Keenan went as a UW basket ball player - which seemed seemed appropriate.

Georgia dressed up as a Lion

Speaking of Georgia, she is crawling around like crazy! She got it figured out and now there is no stopping her, she can't keep up with Keenan yet but that doesn't keep her from trying. It is really fun watching her go from laying and rolling over to becoming mobile.