Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Pics

Sorry we haven't blogged in awhile. December is always soo busy. We started out the month redoing our floors in the kitchen and Livingroom. Neil and his Dad put in the tile while I took the kids to my parents in MN for a week.

Before:This was the old laminate flooring we had in the kitchen, very boring and plain and was starting to look very warn.

After: This is the new Tile, so warm and beautiful and has a neat pattern. It looks wonderul in the kitchen.
Before: This is the old carpet by the front door soo ugly. (this picture was taken this past spring, Keenan testing out the durability of the bouncy seat for her Sister)
After: I hated the carpet by the front door. I don't understand why people would put carpet by an outside door. So we brought the tile from the kitchen into the front door/livingroom, so we actually have an entry way.

When we got home Neil had already got the Christmas tree and Georgia is sitting on the new carpet all wrapped up with lights ready to decorate the tree.

A few days later we had a huge snow storm that dumped about 18inches of snow. The snow was up to Keenan's waist, he had so much fun playing in the snow.

Then we took our Christmas card pictures. Which out of all the pictures we took this is about the only one that everyone was looking and smiling. I will add some more pics. later from Christmas.