Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fun

We had a small party for Neil on his Birthday which was the 16th. Keenan helped his Daddy blow out all the candles.
Keenan enjoying the warm weather, relaxing on his little bench outside.
Georgia had fun sitting on her blanket playing with her toys.
I was painting my toes getting ready for sandle season, when I decided Georgia needed a little pink on her toes as well. She did not want to sit very well, but we got them painted. Her little toes are soo cute.
Keenan loves being out in the garage with Neil fixing things/helping. He is fixing Neil's bike here with a screw driver it looks like he actually knows what he is doing.

We have been out on the bikes with the kids a couple times this year already. The kids love it and so far they don't mind sharing their small space with each other. We hope to get out more this week with the 70 degree weather that is suppose to come. YEAH!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Family/Georgia 1 year pictures

We went down to the the Madison Contempary Art Museum to get Georgia's 1 year pictures taken. She was a very smiley and happy baby that day.

She loved climbing on the stairs.

She loved playing with her skirt.

They are so cute in this picture, I hope they will be like this when they are teenagers.

We went down on to State Street and got some pictures taken, it was a beautiful day. There were so many people out and about.

The kids did great and the pictures turned out amazing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Georgia's 1st Birthday

Georgia's birthday was Thursday the 11th she woke up and had a pancake birthday cake. She loves pancakes so I knew she would enjoy her birthday pancake. Keenan helped her blow out her 1 candle and helped sing happy birthday to her, I think he really does love her.

Saturday we had her big birthday party. She loved her cake

Georgia with her Lady bug cake.

Georgia enjoying her ladybug cake.
Georgia sad after having her ladybug cake taken away. I don't think she would have stopped if I let her eat as much as she wanted. We opened up gifts after the cake and Keenan liked opening the gifts more than Georgia did. She had a great day and got lots of wonderful gifts.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Secret Training Revealed

So this weekend I switched to my second of 3 stages of unofficial off season training. Friday night I ended my Threshold training block with a quick tear around the Cap. City trail. I made it about 8 miles into the 22 mile loop with lights before the battery died. The remaining 14 miles was under the moon and stars...neither of which were out. It was really dark and pretty slippery so pushing the watts resulted in a few close calls with the ground. Sunday was the start to my hill phase workouts. A small but dedicated group met here at 6am to hammer out 55 miles and almost 4000ft of climbing...all before 9am.
With out planning every day's ride, weighting my food, counting calories this year I am trying to split my race prep into (3) 3-5 week segments.
1) Threshold - Because I don't have time for true base miles I have been working on shorter and more intense rides, 1-2 hours with 5-10 minute intervals, with min recover.
2) Hills - Now that I will be able to get outside more and actually on the road I am going to be hitting as many hills as possible. If I can learn to love hills this year will go a lot smoother.
3) Fine tuning - by then the weather should be clear enough to get on the trails. This will be more fun rides, learning how to ride in the woods again after too many hours on a trainer and too many miles on the road this will be a really nice refresher that I am sure I will be ready for.
So there you have it, if this season turns out to be a good one then I guess this was a receipt for success, if not then I guess just chalk it up to a learning experiance.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fun Playing!

As Georgia has gotten older her and Keenan have been starting to play with each other more and more. Its been fun seeing them play and interact with each other.

Keenan where are you!

There he is!

Keenan is the tickle monster.

Georgia loves being where ever Keenan is.