Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MN Fun

This past weekend we went to MN to see Family and Friends. We had a blast. Saturday was a very warm day so we went to a park in the morning and played with the kiddos. Then when the kids went down for nap Neil and I went for a ride. We rode to Rochester which was only 9 miles and 30 minutes away on a bike, but we decided to go to the mall and get an Orange Julius on this very hot day. On the way back the wind had picked up and it seemed to be hiller going the other direction. Anyway we rode about 33 miles total and I got some nice tan lines. That night we took the kids to the Stewartville swimming pool for Family swim time my friend Steph and her husband Jake joined us. Keenan had sooo much fun, half of the pool is a wading area with fountains and a small slide and a spray gun he did not stop bouncing in the water. Georgia liked the water, but she hung on to me most of the time. She did like going down the slide.

Then we dropped off the kids at my Parents house and went out to eat with Steph and Jake it was nice to get away for a little while. The kids had a fun hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Sunday we went up to the Cities for my Oldest Brother's Birthday Party and to hang out with his Fiancee Kate we met some of her family and talked about wedding plans, we are so excited for next summer. Chuck gave Georgia a pink, pony purse and Keenan a golf bag with clubs, they had so much fun playing with their new toys. Georgia hasn't put her purse down, she is sooo cute.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Subaru Cup Pics.

She was soo happy watching the races.

Georgia sleeping during the Pro Men's Race. Behind us was a very difficult section that the races had to ride down and about 100 people cheering and ringing cowbells and Georgia slept through the whole thing.

Neil at the start of his short track race.
Neil during the short track race.

They would get soo close to those poles.

Sleeping during Neil's short track race. Sooo tired they had a very long weekend.