Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Up North

Sorry for not blogging in awhile, the Swanson's have been pretty busy the last couple weeks. We went up north acouple weeks ago for a week vacation. It was beautiful, The cabin/cottage we stayed at was amazing and the water was clear and sandy. The kids and the adults loved it.
Neil and Grandpa took Keenan out fishing one morning. Keenan was playing with his fishing pole in the boat and Neil said "becarful don't drop your pole in the water" and literally right after Neil said that he dropped the pole in the water. They tried fishing it out of the water, but no luck.



Georgia on the other hand was enjoying making sand castles and then would sit on them. She loved playing in the water too, but she was a little limited on what she could do compared to Keenan.

We rented a jet ski one day and Keenan loved going for a ride. The adults loved it too. We got to play on it more when all the kids were down for naps. Jenny and Chris (Neil's brother and his wife) bought Keenan and Georgia a shark for them to ride on while we were up there. Keenan had fun riding on it while his Dad and Uncle pushed him all over.

While on vacation we enjoyed having dessert a lot. We always were having little snacks. Georgia's favorite snack on vacation was an oreo. She loved it and her face shows it.