Monday, January 24, 2011

The Move to CO

A deer at the end of the road at our Rental house.

The MOVE- This will be the summed up version
We left Saturaday, January 15th for the trek out west in our little Escape(we had movers come and move our stuff out). Saturday we left at noon and I was very emotional leaving, but the kids did a great job with the long day in the car. We stopped at Kearny, NE for the night and then woke up the next day and finished the trip.
The 2nd day traveling was not as easy, Georgia had the stomach flu and threw-up 3 times in the car, but we made it to Colorado Springs around 3 that day so it was not as long in the car. We stayed in a hotel on Sunday in Colorado Springs until our Moving Truck arrived on Monday. They moving truck pulled up to our Rental house at 9am Monday and got everything unloaded by noon that day and so far everything looks good.

Keenan helping put the table together.

Georgia helping unpack!

Through out the week we unpacked some things, but left alot of boxes packed in the garage. for when we get in to a house.
Georgia never got over her flu and by Wednesday(19th) of that week, she had a temp of 103.3 with tylenol so we took her to a clinic and had her looked at she had an ear infection we got her on some medicine and by the next day she was doing alot better.
Neil's parents came on Tuesday(18th) and hung out with us until Friday. Neil and I went out for dinner on Thursday, because we figured it would be the last time in awhile that we will have a babysitter, until we meet people and feel comfortable leaving our kids with other people.
The last couple weeks we have looked at a lot of houses nice/ok ones and some awful ones, but we have found a house. I will post more about the house in the next blog.

Alot has happened since November!!!

Our New place of Resident!

Well, we haven't blogged in along time. The last time we blogged is when we were interviewing for a job in Colorado. Well 2 weeks after Nov. 1st was Keenan's 3rd Birthday November 18th which is when we got the news about Neil getting the job out in Colorado Springs. Neil and I were happy about the new location, but it was also sad to think about leaving Madison.
We Celebrated Keenan's 3rd Birthday at the (Keenan words )"Bowling Pin Place" with just Family and then had a big Birthday party on the weekend. So I had to make a Bowling Pin Cake he loved the cake. I can't believe he is 3, time just flies by.

We took a house hunting trip to CO mid December and looked at a lot of houses and did some site seeing which was a lot of fun. It was almost 60 degrees in Colorado Springs when we visited in December 11th. (1st picture)

Later in December we went to California for Christmas to see Neil's Brother, Wife and Nephew for a week which was nice to get away for awhile. We went to Disneyland for a day which was a lot of fun but very busy. Then we went to the beach on Christmas Eve(which was kind of wierd playing on white sandy beaches instead in the cold white snow). We went sailing one day and played outside as much as we could. It was great to spend time with the family before our big adventure.

When we got back from CA Neil had a few days before he left to go to CO to start his new job on January 3rd. It was a busy few days and was hard to see him leave because 2 weeks later when he returned we would all be leaving Madison and moving to CO.
Our house was put on the market Dec. 7th and we got an accepted offer January 9th. We close on February 25th. Which made it a little easier to move out of our house in Madison. More to come about the move. Stay tune.