Monday, April 23, 2007

First race for 2007

This weekend was perfect weather for the Platteville TT. I rode these trails back when I was going to school there and was ready for the suffering they were going to dish out. We headed out for a pre-ride between the Sport and Expert race and the trails were better than I could have dreamed. They lined us up according to our registration numbers and I just happened to be following the Moore boys from Minnesota (they went 2 and 3 behind Jeff Hall last year). Then behind me Cory ready to throw down.
We took off and I was able to keep my 30 second man in site but was having a really tough time putting any time on Cory. I felt really good and the legs were responding when ever I asked. The only problem - which I quickly realized was that I was significantly short on water. By the end of the first lap I lost touch with my rabbit but had also lost track of Cory in my rear view. Just a little into the last lap I was cashed on the water, I was feeling ok so kept the pace as high as I could. Then with about 10 minutes left on the last long climb my legs had enough, they just shut down, sat next to the trail, and started talking about ice cream cones and pb&j sandwiches. I dropped it into my granny gear to try and spin some life back into them but they were done. I seen a group of riders coming, Cory, Carlos, and others. The last set of trees seemed to endless looking for the finish line. Finally I found it but only about 15 seconds before Cory. Because he came in a big pack they missed his number and logged him as DNF, which gave me a 5th place finish. Truth is I finished 6th and he came in either 4th or 5th - GOOD JOB!!
I ordered a CD with all the pictures and will get those up as soon as I get it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have been racing the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 4 times now. Every year I have managed to hang in the top 50 which I thought gave me a reserved spot the next year. Not the case!! After getting my check back in the mail last night I checked the rules and found that only the top 20 get a saved spot for the next year. BUMMER I guess now I will have to try my hand at writing (did I say begging) to get in. I have until July to come up with something creative.

In other news...WHAT'S UP WITH THIS WEATHER!! I thought for sure I could pack the tights, legwarms, hat, gloves, and winter jacket away for the summer. Looks like it is supposed to stick around for a while. I guess that will just make the people who race down south easier to mark at Iola.