Thursday, December 13, 2007

Swanson Fun

The past couple weeks have been so much fun! Everyday after work I can notice changes in Keenan, either he has grown or has more expressions or is looking around more. He is doing really good with sleeping at night. We usually try to keep him awake all evening and then right after his 11pm feeding get him to bed. It seems like every other night he will make it until 5-6am and the other nights he gets up around 2-3am for a little "mid-night snack".

Tonight we were playing on the bed and he was trying to copy what I was doing.

He definitely takes after Cathy on the camera!!

Cathy, Keenan, and Mercedes getting their morning beauty sleep.

Besides playing with Keenan mother nature has been keeping us plenty busy! I really don't remember having this much snow piled up this early for a long time! Oh well I like it. The snow gets me in the Christmas spirit and is fun to do winter activities.
Speaking of Christmas, this weekend we have the kids Christmas party for work and then next weekend is Christmas already!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter riding

All week the weather forecasters were predicting a major winter storm for this weekend. I wasn't getting my hopes up for much so when I woke up on Saturday morning and seen it snowing I figured it was just going to be a little snow and then be over. I called up Cory, met him at the Trek store before heading out to 25.5.

It wasn't until I was waiting for Cory that I realized we might be getting as much snow as they were predicing. We got to the trails and starting riding.

We only made it about 100 feet down the trail before realizing we had WAY too much air in our tires, down to 10-15psi to keep the tires under us. I love riding in the snow, it is a totally different type of riding - putting in full effort just to keep moving and at times just to stay up.

Most of the climbs were unrideable so we did a lot of hike-a-biking.

After about an 1-1.5 hours we finally got one lap done and decided to call it while we were still uninjured and only semi-frozen. Yes this picture is set up, we both tried to ride the bridge but couldn't make the corner and both ended up in the gully!

I got home, changed and then we all loaded up and headed down to the UW Stock Pavillion for the UW Forestry Club's tree fundraiser. They had a really sweet setup, we pulled right into the arena out of the snow, rain, and sleet and was able to pick out a tree and get it tied to the roof without freezing. After that we headed to the mall to kill some time, it was mostly freezing rain so our Christmas tree turned into a Christmas glacier! When we got home last night I brought in what I remember to be our tree and let it thaw in the basement. If the tree is thawed and if our basement isn't flooded I think we are going to set it up and decorate today.