Wednesday, February 06, 2008

When is snows it SNOWS!!

Wow, I haven't seen snow like this for a very long time! I was a little disappointed this morning when I got up and found only a couple inches after everyone was talking about this HUGE storm we were supposed to get. When I rode into work there was a signficant amount of snow but nothing more than all winter. Coming home was a different story. Work let out early so at 3:30 I decided to give it a go and make my way home. After crashing in the parking lot, on the rode, at the Whitney Way intersection, and in our driveway I finally got into the garage.

If I have learned anything about riding this winter it is that ski goggles are a must when it is snowing. Plus I think they look SWEET!! I got my miles and day in for the frozen fools...this really should count for double!

Mean while at home Cathy and Keenan weren't planning on going anywhere. Keenan is really close to sitting up on his own so they worked on that.

I think the next couple days are going to include a lot of snow removal. I noticed we have an extrodinarily large snow drift on our roof that could equal about about 3 sumo wrestlers once it starts to thaw - I need to get those guys off the roof!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Babies, Bikes, and Bowl games

Keenan is growing faster than a weed. We can't hardly take pictures fast enough to keep up with him. Last week was his 2 month check up. He was tipping the scales at 13lbs and 23" tall. He was also very excited about getting his first round of shots. He was a real champ...or I should say the doctor was quick enough she got all three shots in before he could muster up a good cry. He was pretty upset but got settled down once we were in the car.

Getting ready for a car ride with aunt Jenny's hat on.

He is just happy to be a baby!!

Today he just about rolled over. Just a little more and he will be on his own moving around.

Last night he slept the entire night! We put him down at 10pm and I was up before him at 6:45am. When we went to get him he was showing us how he could move around and was half turned around in his crib.

As for us, Cathy has joined a gym and has been able to get out a couple times a week to get back into shape. She is really looking forward to getting outside and back on her bike. I have been getting back into the swing of things and trying to get as much saddle time as time will allow. There are some interesting things shaping up for 2008, I should be able to give more details later in the month.