Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So what's going on?

Yeah I am sure that is what you are asking. It is always hard getting used to new schedules. Cathy finally found a job after looking for longer than she thought, and it isn't too far from my work! That works out really nice, we are able to ride to work together and save on gas big time!
My foot is really feeling a lot better. I have pretty much switched all my swimming workouts to riding again. Because the weather has been incredible this winter I have been able to get off road again a couple times and the foot takes the bumps really well. This is week 6 of healing so everything should be back in place and now the bone just needs to get hard.
So at last years WORS awards banquet I won a GT I-drive frame. It was disk specific and I didn't have enough parts laying around to build it up. So I called the guys at Pacific Cycle and asked if I could trade for a complete bike. To my surprise they were totally cool with that and on friday we made the trade for this:

It is a really nice bike. I got it all assembled but haven't had it out yet to set it up. It is always fun to have a new bike sitting around, especially one that didn't cost you anything!!!
This year the road team needs to put on a race. Because it is late in the year to plan a race and get on a road schedule we decided to try the Cyclo-Cross route. We are working through the details for that right now but looks like it might be a go. That will be a lot of fun to have a race in the home town.
I say this every time but now that the schedule is settling down I should have time to get this updated more often.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Activity Swings

I have seem to have these activity swings. First there is nothing to write about because I splintered my leg and I just had to sit on the couch and watch it heal. Then a million things happend and I don't get a chance to even breath...I wonder how my leg is doing, I haven't had a chance to check on it in a while....yep still there.
Anyway, the foot is feeling a ton better, I have started incorporating rides back into the workout as recovery days. I can't unclip but no biggie when riding the trainer.
In other news, I started a new job this week at Saris Cycling Group. I have been really busy as I hit the ground running so trying to keep from getting behind already. In all though it should be a pretty sweet job, they are a good group and really try to get a lot done, but don't skimp just to produce product. That is fine line and from what I see it looks lieke they really try hard not to fall off it.
I have been putting in a lot of time at the pool and last night did a timed swim with the Masters Swim Group. Last night they did a timed mile, 36 laps. I was shooting for 32 minutes, and ended up with 33:04. I think I lost count and did one or two extra laps though. Either way I was right in the time I was shooting for so that was good. Swimming has been a great cross training but I am really anxious to get back on the bike.