Saturday, March 28, 2009


With summer on it's way...even though it doesn't appear to be that way looking out my window right now...I thought it would be good to give everyone adiquate time to learn "mountaines". I found this in my Mountain Bike Action magazine from last year and really got a kick out of it.

- In Racing News -

This summer is starting to look up. This year I will be racing on Team WORS. I will also be working at the Saris warm-up tent / Park tool repair area. So if you have some last minute tune-ups needed come see me. Cathy is planning on doing some racing as well. She is feeling good and might try to get on the bike next week. Her goal is be ready for the Subaru Cup but depending on how things go she might give try.
Group rides are starting to pop up so hopefully the weather will shape up and we can get in the mix on some of those.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Pictures

Not much to say here, things are still the same: eat, sleep, change diaper - repeat. I am back to work full time on Monday so we will see how this next week goes. Georgia is growing good and looking great.

I think Keenan is enjoying having some of the old toys and baby paraphernalia out again. He just crawled into this bouncy seat and started eating his snack.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1 Week

Well it has been a full week with Georgia. Things are going pretty smoothly, at least I think so. It seems like she is a little easier than Keenan, I don't know if she is actually less work or if we just have a little bit of a clue on what do. Anyway Cathy has been dealing with her most of the time. She is sleeping pretty good at night but she is still getting up a few times to eat. I have been trying to run Keenan into the ground, but I think the opposite is happening. The more and harder we play the faster and more hyper he gets! The weather has been just beautiful so the whole family has been on lots of walks. Cathy is feeling a lot better sooner than she did with Keenan so that is encouraging to her. I am going back to work on Thursday and Friday in the afternoons so I guess that will be the real test to see what dealing with 2 kids is like - solo!! Here are some more pics of the fam. Thanks for every one's support and encouragement.

Our family picture is filling up.
Even though mom is busy she still has time for her little boy.
This is a hand full!!
Keenan learned how to slide down the slide and is absolutely addicted to it!!
Like every boy, if there is water and mud Keenan is in it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Welcome - Georgia B Swanson

Well today was the big day. Cathy went in for a check up this morning and she was still progressing but not going into labor. The doctor was afraid that as soon as her water broke...which in his words could be any time...that labor was going to be really quick. So we decided to head into the hospital, let them break her water and just see how things move. Well the doctor was right. We checked in at 1:30pm, the doctor broke her water at 3pm and then Georgia was born after 6 good hard pushes at 4:49pm today!!
Here are some pictures. I want to keep this short to get some sleep while I still can.

She was 8lbs. 3 oz. and 20.5" long


Sorry for only 2 pictures. I will get more up here in the next couple days so stay posted.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Final Days???

Well we are still pregnant. My due date is not until Friday, but after my Doctor appt. last week I thought for sure I would be having a baby girl this past weekend. Nope, she must be comfortable where she is. I had another Doctor appt. today and anyone else would be in labor and getting an epidural at this point...but my doctor just sent me home?! I am hoping that Neil does not have to play the doctor role at home or in the car. He is handy with tools and fixing things, but delivering a baby???

Keenan has been a bit more fussy lately, I think he is either cutting some teeth or he has figured out that things are about to be very different for him.
He is saying more words and we are able to communicate a little bit more with him. He also has been drinking from a cup and can eat from his own plate and spoon.

We will keep you posted about any changes that come this week. Hopefully sooner than later.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Face

We are still the same Keeping up with the Swanson page, but with a little face lift. I was tired of looking at our same old blog layout and decided to change things up. I did not want it to be too girly, since Neil posts things on here, but it should get a little better once we get some Mt. Bike pictures on soon, I hope! Enjoy the new page.