Friday, April 29, 2005

Getting packed

Ok, so I put together a list of things I need to bring this weekend, either I am packing way too much or these 12 hour races include too much gear. Anyway the 'ol VW is going to have it's work cut out for it. I think we are going to hit Mocha Moments before the race to get our coffee fix, which will hopefully hold us over the entire day. I am going to get a short ride in today and then go to bed early.
Anyway will let you know how things went.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This weekend was kinda weird. I had a chance to race both days but because of the incredable wind and cold weather I just didn't feel like it. I don't really know what is up but I better get out of this blahhh state of mind. I got some good riding in though. Friday I was out at Kettle, the sign said it was open but I was the only car in the parking lot...oh well. I got a few laps in that felt pretty good, it was super slick though, greasy mud and the rocks felt like they were glazed with ice! It was good to get the bike muddy, see if everything holds up and what to expect in case of rain this weekend. Saturday I put in a few hours as well. It was SOOOO windy, I went out to the Shopiere loop and did couple of those. Coming into the wind was painfull. I passed some guys that were walking in a field, I was pushing with everything I had and breathing like I was going to die, it must have looked funny 'cause I was only going 10.5 mph. Hopefully I can get into my groove this week. I am really looking forward to racing and I think as soon as it starts I will get pumped up for it again.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Yeah, so I just looked at the forcast last night and they are calling for snow/showers tonight and tomarrow. Not sure if I am going to be road racing in that. I am a little bummed, I was hoping to get some good quallity hours on the this weekend, it looks like that is going to be hit or miss at this point. Not much else for now, I am going to try and get a job at the local weather station. I think I would be good at making up forcasts.

Monday, April 18, 2005

More hours than I thought

I went out for an early morning ride on Sunday. The plan for the day was to get two rides in about 2 hours each. I met up with Cory G. and we took off. He promptly informed me that we were going to be doing power intervals this morning. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it was 7:30am! We rode for about 45-50 minutes as a warm up. I felt like I had about 5 pounds of lead in both legs, but thought I would work that out in the warm up. As we kept going I started thinking about the time I spent on the bike over the past week. As I added the days I realized that I already had 9 hours, no wonder I was dragging lead! We got started on our intervals late and I had to bail out on the second of five. Cory was really feeling good and dropped me like a bad habit right away. I was struggling to hang on, now I know what he felt like last Tuesday. Later in the day I got out again but just took things really easy, bringing my week total up to 12 hours.
I am planning on another hard week this week before tapering off. I think I am going to start logging the miles and time, like most athletes have been doing for years. Well.....I better get started.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tuesday on the road

We were supposed to have a time trial yestarday, but because of the less than ideal conditions that got put off untill next week. The day consited of rain, wind, cold, and more rain. I was kinda looking forward to the TT with the bad conditions, to see how they played in, but instead we just went for a group ride. Four of us really wanted to push hard to we grouped up and took off. We started by heading directly into a 15-20mph headwind. I was feeling really good so spent a lot of time out front. We were really pushing hard and I was plesantly surprised to see everyone was hanging on good. We rode for a little over an hour like this before realizing that we didn't really know how to get back, other than the way we borring is that. So we turned on some raod and hoped for the best. We got really lucky and ran into a familiar road, that we were initially going to have the TT on. Now we had the wind at our back so I kicked up the pace to 30mph. At this point a couple people were struggling to stay on. We stayed grouped up really good for as hard as we were all pushing. It was a lot of fun and I couldn't believe how good I was feeling. I am really hoping this last all season long.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The offical start of mt. biking

Last night was the offical start of the mt. bike season. We had our first thursday night group ride and were able to get off road. Everyone was sceptical because of the rain earlier this week but the trails were in really good shape. It was fun seeing everyone again after what seemed like an eternal winter! Everyone was out sporting the new rides, new gear, and sweet jerseys (I just can't get over that, sorry).
I am hoping to get out to the Kettles some time this weekend to get reaquainted with the trails and try to turn some fast laps to prepare for the 12 hour in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Now that's a Mountain bike

Last night I finally got out for a good hard off road ride. Cathy and I had just picked up our new jerseys, and decided to head out to the Northeast park and do some riding. Cathy has been wanting to get off road before her first race at buck hill. After seeing her ride I think she is going to do pretty good this year.
I have been itching to get out and and really open up the NRS. I have been trying out different bike set ups trying to get it dialed in. Last night we met up with Cory Gwin and the two of us put the hammer down! I can't believe how fast that bike is! I don't know if it is just a different type of riding or what but it just feels faster. I kinda wish I had the 9.8 together so I could test them side by side, but that would mean I have to ride a hardtale again, FORGET THAT! The bike just eats up the trail and keeps asking for more. It is truely a mountain bike. I could go on for hours but in short the fox suspension and disk brakes make for an incredably smooth and predictable ride.
We are starting to get plans together for 12 hours at Kettle. Hopefully we have good weather and tons of people show up.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Getting the bugs out

Yestarday was finally my first race of the year. I was really excited to get out see what my training did for me all winter. We headed up to Madison for the Great Dane Crit #1. It is a great course, pretty flat with two gradual hills. I had put my new Maxxis tires on, my other ones were shot from spinning on the trainer all winter. I couldn't believe how nice it was out, I don't know if it was really sunny or if the sun was just reflecting off everyones white legs!!
When the race started I was really feeling good. Jason got a flat about 100 ft. off the line so had to use his free lap early. Once he got one we moved to the front to stay clear of any flying bikes if someone wrecked. As the minutes ticked by I was really feeling good, but drinking more water than I had planned. By the time the 2 laps to go bell rang I was dry and could have woven a sweater with all the cotton in my mouth. I attached with on the back side hill and started to dry heave, I sat up and tried to spin it out but had nothing for the final sprint.
It was a mental victory though, I felt like my training was going in the right direction, now I just need to make sure I am better hydrated and keep fuel in my tank.